Middle-aged man wearing a Bucky Badger hat robs a Madison bank

Apparently losing three consecutive Rose Bowls has driven some Wisconsin fans to desperate measures.

In Madison, Wisc., on Friday morning, a man wearing a Bucky Badger winter hat robbed an east side credit union.

Did we mention he was wearing a Bucky Badger hat with the earflaps and all?

According to Madison.com, the suspect was “40 to 45 years old, 5 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 11 inches tall, with an average to heavy build, large nose, wearing large square-framed glasses, a tan or brown hip-length jacket over a gray sweatshirt with red lettering on front, blue jeans, white socks, gray hiking boots.”

And, of course, the hat. The wonderful hat.

When he arrived at the bank, the culprit slid a letter to the teller asking for money and implying he had a gun. He never brandished a weapon.

Could you imagine being the teller and a 45-year-old guy in a Bucky Badger hat (that’s meant for children and college students acting like children) comes up to you and demands money? Yes, you’d be concerned for your safety, but I think you’d also be thinking to yourself, “Really guy? That hat? Really?” He also had a gray sweatshirt with red lettering, which we can only assume was a Wisconsin sweatshirt.

People sure are getting desperate in Madison. It’s all up to Gary Andersen now.

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