Michigan’s uniforms will sear your eyes, and quite possibly your soul

Jay Busbee
Dr. Saturday

Look, in a post-Oregon Ducks world, it's tough to find any kind of college football uniform that outright shocks you anymore. But Michigan gave it the ol' college try on Saturday night, breaking out a shade of yellow that could only be described as Neon Highlighter for their season opener against defending national champion Alabama.

Look, we get it. You're the marquee game of the weekend, you're taking on the defending national champion, you want to leave your mark. But this is a mark that'll be on the back of our eyeballs for a week. The above photo doesn't do it justice; this was the kind of yellow you see in glow sticks or firefly goo.

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Whatever the intent of the uniforms -- blinding the Tide, guiding planes into DFW, being visible from orbit -- it didn't work, as Bama routed the Wolverines 41-14.

For comparison's sake, here's Wolverine QB Denard Robinson, pictured above, and also below in last year's more muted attire:

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