Michigan students take Harbaugh Breakfast Challenge (Video)

Sam Cooper

New Michigan assistant coach Jay Harbaugh dropped a bombshell last week when he revealed that his father, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, once ate cereal using Gatorade instead of milk.

Fortunately for Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan students and Alumni Association have his back and have assembled the “Harbaugh Breakfast Challenge.”

As you can see, the results were mixed. The Fruit Punch Gatorade and Apple Jacks combo seemed to be a hit here, but the rest – especially anything involving Frosted Flakes or Wheaties – received less than stellar reviews from the students.

Hopefully Harbaugh can provide a little clarity as to what combination of Gatorade and cereal creates the most well-rounded and delicious breakfast.

We’re waiting on you, Jim.

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