Michigan State sporting chrome helmets for game against Michigan (PHOTO)

In May, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis said the Spartans would not be engaging in the uniform craze that has struck so many teams this year.

Looks like he was wrong.

For Saturday's game against Michigan, the Spartans are wearing green HydroChrome helmets with a silver stripe and a silver Spartan on the side. While they're not ugly, they're not actually stylin' either. I think it's something about the green HydroChrome that make them less attractive. Maybe if Michigan State had tried the inverse - silver helmet with a green stripe and a green Spartan - it would have been sharp.

As for the uniforms, Michigan State is wearing white with green trim. Nothing special there.

Against Michigan last season, the Spartans wore Nike Pro Combat uniforms during the 28-14 win.

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