Michigan running back Vincent Smith does Reddit AMA, answers inevitable Clowney questions

Vincent Smith had a nice career with Michigan. He rushed for more than 1,200 yards, was a good receiver out of the backfield and scored 17 rushing and receiving touchdowns. Nothing wrong with that.

He is teaching painting skills to young people in Pahokee, Fla., which is great, and seems to be a very talented artist. He seems to have a lot going on.

You'll probably remember him when I mention this part: Smith was on the receiving end of a hit from Jadeveon Clowney that is already one of the most famous in college football history. Yeah, you remember now.

Smith did a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Tuesday, and was asked about that hit. To his credit, he didn't ignore the inquiries.

bigfat920: What did it feel like when Clowney hit you? What went wrong with the play where he was able to get to you so quickly?

VSMITH2: My tight end missed the call on the down block.

yracuse: LT Taylor Lewan audibled for a change in the blocking scheme after noticing SC preparing a blitz. glad you weren't injured and took it like an adult

VSMITH2: Lol yea I took one for the team.

Smith has talked about it before, to ESPN.com a couple weeks after the game, and he should get used to it. This hit will be replayed about a million times in his lifetime. Like Brandon Knight joking about being dunked on by DeAndre Jordan, there's not much to do but laugh along with everyone else. Things like that happen in athletics. Nobody's going to forget about it just because you won't discuss it.

So kudos to Smith for entertaining inevitable questions about the hit that we'll all remember for years and years. He'll probably get requests to talk about it 20 years from now on the anniversary. The YouTube clip has more than 3.3 million hits so you've probably seen it already, but hey, who's up for one more?

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