Michigan QB Denard Robinson thinks he could beat Usain Bolt in the 40

A lot of people have mentioned Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson as a possible Heisman candidate, but what about an Olympic champion?

Robinson told media Sunday during the Wolverines' annual media day that he thought he could be Usain Bolt in a 40-yard dash.

No, seriously.

"I've watched him run, and I'm pretty sure I can beat him in a 40-yard dash," Robinson said. "I'd get a better start, and I could take him.

"At 60 yards, I'd be in trouble, and at 100 meters, he'd be gone, but I could get him in a 40."

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According to Fox Sports Detroit, backup quarterback and newly appointed receiver Devin Gardner put the idea in Robinson's head after touting Robinson's speed.

"Denard could do that in a heartbeat — he's the fastest man in the world," Gardner said. "I know what Usain Bolt did in the Olympics, and Denard probably couldn't beat him at 100 meters, but when it comes to football speed at 40 yards, I'd take Denard. He's that fast."

Robinson's last published 40-yard dash time, which comes from high school, is 4.32 seconds. In 2010, his top time in the indoor 60-meter dash was 6.81 seconds.

Boy, if only we knew how fast Bolt could run a 40-yard dash. Oh wait, we do.

ESPN track and field reporter Larry Rawson said on the radio after reviewing Bolt's 20-meter splits that Bolt would run 40-yard dash in a time that would burn up the field turf.

Rawson: "Forty yards, if he was being hand-timed by a scout and reacting to his movement - not electronically timed the way they do it [in track and field] - his 40-yard dash on a track, in spikes, would be 3.73 seconds."

Host: [Laughter] "He would run a sub four-second 40-yard dash?"

Rawson: "Listen, I did the math as though it was electronically timed, which it's not for football — electronically timed — and it came out to 3.97 seconds."

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In Robinson's defense, Bolt is a slow starter (well, slow compared to, say, a gazelle) and usually kicks it into gear later in the race. Robinson has a quick jump and might be able to put Bolt on his heels. However, my guess is that Bolt would get him before the two crossed the finish line, especially if Robinson had his shoes untied.

Still, this is a race I'd love to see. Get it done Brady Hoke!

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