Michigan pulls out a victory with the help of a ridiculous catch with 8 seconds left

Dr. Saturday

Michigan needed a mini-miracle to send its game against Northwestern to overtime, and Devin Gardner and Roy Roundtree delivered one.

Gardner hit Roundtree on a juggling, tumbling 53-yard catch with 8 seconds remaining, allowing Michigan to tie the game with a field goal. The Wolverines scored a touchdown in overtime and held Northwestern in overtime to pull off a crazy 38-31 victory.

Michigan had to get some huge breaks to tie the game in the final minute, and Northwestern helped.

Northwestern kicked a low, bad line drive punt that Michigan was able to return 23 yards to its own 38-yard line, giving the offense a chance to get into field-goal position with 18 seconds left.

Quarterback Devin Gardner stepped up in the pocket and heaved a long pass to Roy Roundtree. Northwestern defensive back Daniel Jones was in coverage (and somehow in single coverage deep downfield with no help), and mistimed his leap. Had he not put his hands up to tip the ball, it might have sailed incomplete. But he was trying to make a play and tapped the ball in the air. Roundtree settled under it and hauled it in as he went to the ground.

The clock stopped on the first down with 8 seconds left, Michigan spiked the ball to stop the clock. The Wolverines kicked the game-tying field goal on the next play to send the game to overtime. It was a great play, one that kept Michigan's hopes for making the Big Ten Championship Game intact.

"We practice that exact play every week, obviously not the tip," Gardner said, according to Michigan football's official Twitter account.

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