Michigan getting rid of general admission student seating after one season

Michigan getting rid of general admission student seating after one season

Michigan hopes it has solved a student attendance problem in 2014.

Michigan's general admission policy in 2013 turned out to be a headache for the school. Because there were no assigned seats for each home game, students were required to line up before the games and then blitzed towards the seating sections when the gates opened at Michigan Stadium.

The first-come-first-serve chaos led to some awkward seating arrangements.

For the 2014 season, students will have reserved seating like before. Seating will be decided by attendance at 2013 games and then class levels. Class levels previously were the basis for Michigan's student seating arrangements before the move to general admission seating.

However, the class level provision is only a temporary measure. Attendance at games will be the deciding factor after 2014, and bonus points will be awarded for students who arrive at least 30 minutes to kickoff.

It's a smart decision. The point system theoretically helps combat the issues that some schools are having drawing students to games by rewarding loyal fans with good seats. And 30 minutes isn't unreasonably early to arrive to a football game either.

Though at the same time, for students who aren't huge football fans and wouldn't be interested in earning as many points as possible, you can't blame them for passing up season tickets. After service fees, a student season ticket package is $310.

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