Michigan brands new footballs: ‘Made in USA, Not in Ohio’ (Photo)

As if the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry couldn’t get anymore ridiculous — the schools won’t even refer to each other by their correct names — Michigan has taken it to a whole new level.

Wide receiver Bo Dever posted a photo of the Wolverines new footballs and while they are made in the USA (wooo, patriotism), they are not manufactured in Ohio. See, it says so on the ball. Because a Michigan man would never, ever be caught playing with a football that was produced in that God forsaken state… Or so I’m told.

Personally, I’m not above finding this sort of pettiness between “The School Up North” and “Ohio” entertaining. Branding footballs is mildly ridiculous, but it will no doubt solicit an equally ridiculous reaction from Ohio State.

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H/T r/cfb

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