Michigan band spelled out “OHNO” during halftime against Central Michigan (Photo)

Dr. Saturday

The Rice band wasn't the only band having some fun on the first Saturday of the college football season.

During halftime of Michigan's game against Central Michigan, the Michigan band spelled out "OHNO" during its performance. Or, if you were on the opposite side of the stadium "ONHO."

It was a not so subtle dig at the school and band just to the south that has the tradition of dotting the I in "Ohio" during every performance. When visiting Texas A&M Saturday, the Rice band wore Johnny Manziel autograph shirts poking fun at the controversy surrounding the Heisman winner.

The Big Ten Network asked if Michigan's spelling was fair or foul and we lean strongly to fair. Part of what makes college football great is teasing your rivals, and that teasing is even better when it's coming from the schools themselves.

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