Michael Sam’s father initially grappled with his son’s news

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Michael Sam's father struggled with his son's news more than was initially reported.

Before the Missouri DE announced he is gay on Sunday, he texted his father on Tuesday and Sam's father, Michael Sam as well, said the two spoke on the phone later that evening.

However, when the father got the text message, he was eating dinner. And he left the restaurant he was at because he couldn't eat any longer.

From the New York Times:

The party stopped cold. “I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks,” Sam Sr. said. “I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment.

“I’m old school,” he added. “I’m a man-and-a-woman type of guy.” As evidence, he pointed out that he had taken an older son to Mexico to lose his virginity.

His father also said that NFL Hall of Famer and former defensive lineman Deacon Jones "is turning over in his grave" about his son's revelation.

Sam has said he was raised primarily by his mother while his father was a long-haul trucker. As the eighth of nine children, three siblings have passed away while two are in jail.

In his interview with NBC News, Sam's father said "I asked him about his career and everything, and he said he was just going to do it. And I said, OK then. He's in control and he's grown. No matter what, he's my son and I still love him."

Sam's father's interview with the New York Times was Sunday night, while he spoke with NBC News on Monday morning. Perhaps he needed the evening to see the positive reactions that flowed after Sam's announcement, or he chose his words more carefully on Monday.

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