Miami's mascot and running back Duke Johnson crash a wedding (Photos)

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Miami mascot Sebastian and running back Duke Johnson crash a wedding.

Duke Johnson and Sebastian

Miami mascot Sebastian and running back Duke Johnson crash a wedding.

Susana Lopez paid to have Miami’s mascot, Sebastian, attend her wedding as a surprise for her husband-to-be Pedro. What she didn’t expect was that star running back Duke Johnson — Pedro’s favorite player — would be along for the ride.

The two crashed the couple's wedding this past weekend as part of what UM spokesman Chris Yandle called Miami’s “RENEWED” initiative. The goal, Yandle told the Palm Beach Post, is to “do more in the community.”

And this was a good start.

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While Sebastian, who commands $250-$300 for a few hours of his time, was dressed to the nines, Johnson rolled in dressed in his football jersey, some camo shorts and black and orange tennis shoes. Not exactly wedding attire, but the group rolled with it.

He snapped pictures with the bride and groom, guests and even held some babies. Miami even had some athletic department personnel on hand to make sure everything was on the up-and-up as far as the NCAA was concerned.

And the Canes got a nice little promotional video out of it, too.

From the groom:

Can we all just take a moment to think about what kind of epic press Texas A&M could have made had the Aggies made Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel available for weddings?

Just sayin:

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