Miami blows a huge lead, mounts a huge comeback, wins in overtime (VIDEO)

Dr. Saturday

This is something you don't see every Saturday: A team gives up 36 unanswered points, yet somehow wins the game.

Miami suffered through a wide range of emotions on Saturday. The Hurricanes built a 19-0 lead in the first quarter and looked in total control. Then in 16:40 between the second and third quarter, Georgia Tech scored five straight touchdowns, with a 2-point conversion thrown in.

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This is a Miami team that already was blown out at Kansas State and then played in front of friends and family last week at home, and the Hurricanes could have folded after blowing that big lead. Or Miami could have folded when they missed a 22-yard field goal in the fourth quarter.

But Miami kept plugging away, and scored with 38 seconds left to tie the game. The Yellow Jackets drove to Miami's 2-yard line on the first possession of overtime, but when Georgia Tech went for it on fourth and 1, the Hurricanes stuffed Yellow Jackets quarterback Tevin Washington for no gain. Mike James' 25-yard touchdown run sealed one of the craziest games of the day and a nice win for Miami.

While it's not advisable to give up five straight touchdowns again, Miami showed some resiliency that should carry over for the rest of the season.

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