New Mexico QB arrested for macing his girlfriend. Well, his ex-girlfriend.

Dr. Saturday

Based on my extensive research of the daily interactions of the citizens of Albuquerque, N.M. — that is, based on repeated viewings of the first four seasons of "Breaking Bad" — my impression is that most encounters there end with either a) Someone being senselessly beaten for no reason, b) Someone being run over by an SUV, c) Someone cackling hysterically as they await their imminent, narratively compelling demise, or d) Someone having half of his face blown off. Also, that all restaurants there are most likely fronts to cover for sprawling drug operations. I accept this portrayal without question.

And in that context, I can sort of understand how New Mexico quarterback Ryan Trujillo's decision to spray his girlfriend in the face with her own mace may not have seemed like such a big deal at the time. From KRQE:

According to a criminal complaint, the incident started when Trujillo, a redshirt freshman with the Lobos, entered a Weck's Restaurant on Juan Tabo Boulevard and found his girlfriend eating with her friend.

Police say witnesses told them Trujillo was clearly agitated and grabbed the girlfriend's keys from the table and went to the parking lot.

"She followed him and asked for her keys back," said Officer Rob Gibbs with the Albuquerque Police Department.  "He refused."

That's when investigators say Trujillo grabbed a pink pepper-spray cannister on her keychain and sprayed his girlfriend in the face with it. According to the criminal complaint, Trujillo later told officers this was an accident.

Unfortunately for Trujillo, actual Albuquerque police did think it was kind of a big deal: He was charged with battery on a household member, a petty misdemeanor. Assuming his girlfriend does not consider being incapacitated by a lachrymatory agent a particularly appealing addition to traditional courtship rituals — "I knew he was the one when he blasted me with pepper spray" — I'm guessing this relationship has come to a timely end.

The same can probably be said for Trujillo's relationship with New Mexico football: Though he's still listed on the current roster, he's also a walk-on who was so unlikely to see the field as a true freshman that he wasn't even assigned a number. (The support staff didn't bother filling in any information for his official bio, either.) Something tells me this isn't the kind of "passion" Bob Davie signed up for.

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