New Mexico Bowl starts off with a verbal altercation between Washington State’s QB and Colorado State’s defensive line coach (Video)

It’s supposed to be the season of goodwill toward men, but maybe not so much on the football field.

During the first quarter of the New Mexico Bowl between Colorado State and Washington State, CSU defensive line coach Greg Lupfer had some not-so-festive words for WSU quarterback Connor Halliday.

After the Cougars’ first touchdown, Halliday threw up the touchdown signal in front of the CSU bench and was greeted by some verbal jabs. Halliday turned to see who was addressing him and found Laufer, who just kept jawing.

Now, there’s no sound, but if you can read lips, it’s pretty clear Laufer says “ you, you .”

Well then.

And that was only the first touchdown. Little did Laufer know that Halliday would go on to threw five touchdowns against the CSU defense – in the first half.

Happy holidays!

UPDATE: Lupfer apologized after the game. Via Colorado State's Twitter feed:

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