MEAC suspends 21 players after sideline-clearing brawl (Video)

The Mid-American Athletic Conference has suspended 11 players from Norfolk State and 10 from South Carolina State after a sidelines-clearing brawl during the fourth quarter of last week’s game.

Since that was the final game of both seasons, the players, who were not named, will be suspended for their respective 2015 season openers. Any seniors involved faced no punishment.

The altercation began with 12:35 left in the final quarter after Jalen Simmons’ 4-yard touchdown run gave South Carolina State 29-17. No one is sure exactly what started the melee, but after the touchdown, pushing and shoving ensued and punches were thrown.

No players were ejected, but South Carolina State coach Buddy Pough told media after the game he voluntarily removed two of his players.

"I don't know what I saw," Pough said. "The only thing I saw is that kids were just out roughhousing, fighting, that sort of stuff. It was a mess, I can tell you that. It was ugly."

It took more than 15 minutes to clear the field and restart the game.

South Carolina State won 30-20.

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