Maryland’s Testudo statue caught fire Tuesday night (PHOTO)

Dr. Saturday

Every university has a unique ritual for finals week good luck, and at Maryland that ritual includes bringing the statue of Testudo the turtle some offerings.

Great idea, right? It is. Except when those offerings catch fire.

Maryland officials are still investigating the cause of the blaze, per the Baltimore Sun, but yes, Testudo was enveloped in a fireball on Tuesday night.

Thankfully, he's fine.

This is not the first time the 1,000 pound statue has been involved in a scandalous incident.In 1947, students at Johns Hopkins swiped him. And then he was found on the front lawn of a Virginia fraternity. Thus, 700 pounds of concrete added to the base to make it almost impossible for Testudo to move. But not engulf in a fireball, unfortunately. But he does look pretty good. And he's already been brought some orange juice and Neosporin. If college kids know anything, it's how to recover from a rough night.

Maryland police say that they haven't ruled out "malicious intent" in the cause of the blaze.

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