Maryland shows off new pride uniforms for game against West Virginia (Video)

Dr. Saturday

Maryland showed off its new pride duds for Saturday's game against West Virginia and they're awesome.

The helmets catch your eye first, as they're inspired by the Maryland state flag and say Maryland across the back. They're similar to helmets that Maryland has worn previously for the pride game, but the finish on these helmets really make them stand out.

The uniforms look good, but like nothing exceptional on first glance. However, according to the school and Under Armour, they feature a proprietary "no-grab" fabric that will prevent opposing players from being able to tug on Maryland's jerseys.

From the Baltimore Sun:

"It took us three years to develop," said Adam Clement, Under Armour’s creative director for team sports. “It's a proprietary fabric, so it's exclusive to our company. What's unique about this fabric from a football standpoint is it does not stretch. It's impossible to grab."

It'll be fun to see that fabric in action, both while Maryland is on offense and also when blitzing the quarterback. Will a Mountaineer offensive lineman not be able to get a grip on a Maryland defender? According to Under Armour, a rugby team has worn a similar fabric, but it's the first time it's been used in a football game.

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