Video: Aaron Dobson’s backhanded, one-handed catch is a lesson in athleticism and physics

Dr. Saturday

We've seen some pretty awesome plays this season, but Marshall receiver Aaron Dobson delivered one Saturday that may go down as the catch of the season.

With 39 seconds remaining in the first half against East Carolina, Dobson wasn't able to turn his body around while being guarded in the end zone. So he reached out with the outside of his left hand, palmed the pass from quarterback Rakeem Cato and brought it to his side while falling to the ground.

He was so excited, he even knocked the official out of the way to clear room for his celebration.

Really, my description doesn't do the play justice and you might have to watch it several times before you fully see the sheer difficulty and awesomeness of Dobson's catch. To have the athletic ability to reach backward — while moving forward — and the strength to palm the ball with his arm turned outward is just sick. Trust me when I say it's worth watching several times.

The touchdown was Dobson's second on the day: He also had a 77-yard reception to open the game's scoring. Dobson came into the contest with a modest 477 yards and eight touchdowns. But his four catches for 110 yards and two scores ended up helping the Thundering Herd to a 34-27 overtime win and bowl-eligibility for just the second time since 2003.

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