Marquise Goodwin runs the 40 at about 4.2 seconds, where was he for Texas most of this season?

Dr. Saturday

Former Texas receiver Marquise Goodwin was the talk of the NFL scouting combine on Sunday morning. That's not surprising, considering everyone knew he had a chance to break the combine record at the 40-yard dash.

He came up just short of the record of 4.24, clocking an official 4.25 at the 40-yard dash. Others had him timed even faster though.

And all of this brings up a pretty fair question, one that we find ourselves asking more and more as the years go on: What in the heck is the Texas football coaching staff doing?

It's not quite as bad as telling potential recruit Johnny Manziel he could play safety for the Longhorns, but not using Goodwin is also head scratching. Goodwin had 39 touches all year for an offense that ranked a pedestrian 40th in yards per game. The Longhorns probably could have used the fastest player in college football more than three times a game.

Goodwin isn't a polished football player. He has never been able to commit fully to the nuances of the game, as an elite track athlete who was a finalist in the long jump at the 2012 Olympics. Yet, we're also willing to bet he's the only one on any football field he has been on that can be hand timed at 4.17 in the 40-yard dash. It's a coaching staff's job to teach the players, and put their best players in positions to succeed.

In those criminally low 39 touches last season, Goodwin scored six times. Go figure that a guy that fast could score at a ridiculous rate. The coaches seemed to figure it out a bit in the bowl game, in which Goodwin scored on a 64-yard run and a 36-yard catch. Would have been nice in the first 12 games to use a player that scored on one of every 6.5 touches as a senior.

More damning on Texas is that reports from the Senior Bowl were very positive. Shutdown Corner's Doug Farrar was impressed with Goodwin. So were others, who saw him and couldn't understand either why Texas didn't use him more, like perhaps a more raw version of Tavon Austin with West Virginia. After all, the 40th-ranked team in total offense couldn't have had much to lose.

Hey, give Texas this much: At least they didn't try to play Goodwin at safety.

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