Mark Dantonio doesn’t have time for your ‘great’ questions (VIDEO)

Mark Dantonio wasn't happy with Michigan State's 23-7 win over Eastern Michigan and he wanted everyone — including the media — to bear the brunt of his frustration.

During his postgame press conference, Dantonio started out only mildly venting about his team's performance, but as he continued to talk, he started to get more and more annoyed until eventually he just decided to take his anger out on the media.

"I don't have a whole lot of time for the cameras today, so why skip around? Just tell it like it is," Dantonio started before being short with other questions.

On whether he received more clarity on MSU's wide receivers: "Did you? [Reporter: No.] OK. Next question."

On whether he was surprised at the lack of emotion from his players: "It was surprising. Next question."

On whether the offense needs to play better to be effective against Ohio State: "Yes. Next question."

And this went on for about 90 seconds during which Dantonio remarked: "I'm just loving all these questions because they're great ones." After there was a pause from the media, Dantonio walked out.

This has got to be some sort of record this year for the amount of shade NCAA coaches have thrown on the media this year. You got Dan Mullen nearly walking out, Lane Kiffin walking out of a presser, Arkansas coach John L. Smith yelling at the media to smile, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier refusing to take questions after the win against Missouri.

Why are all the coaches so mad, bro?

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