Mark Dantonio does not appreciate questions about Michigan State’s clock management (Video)

Dr. Saturday

Michigan State's final drive of the first half against Northwestern came up empty and coach Mark Dantonio did not want to talk about it.

ESPN's Quint Kessenich asked Dantonio about his team's clock management at the beginning of halftime, and Dantonio curtly responded that he wanted another question.

Well then.

Michigan State got the ball with 1:52 left in the half on its own 25. After running the ball three times for a first town and a Northwestern timeout to try to get the ball back with some time left, the Spartans figured it was time to give it a shot to get down the field, though by that time, there was less than 30 seconds left.

The two timeouts Michigan State spent didn't help much either, and the Spartans had to settle for a pass attempt from the Northwestern 36 that fell incomplete at the end of the half.

Being faster at the beginning the drive might have netted Michigan State some points to tack on its 14-6 halftime lead. And judging by his response, Dantonio might have had a bit of regret.

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