Mardi Gras float mocks LSU’s national championship flop

It's been almost two months since LSU was embarrassed by Alabama in the BCS National Championship game and now the ridicule has even seeped into Mardi Gras.

A group called "Le Krewe d'Etat" put together a float mocking the Tigers' national championship efforts with everything from LSU's inability to get past midfield to quarterback Jarrett Lee's rotting away on the bench to Bobby Herbert's tirade in the postgame press conference. It also has a caricature of Nick Saban holding up the crystal football wearing a Superman (perhaps it's Sabanman) outfit. Nothing was off limits and the resulting float should have made LSU fans turn their heads away in shame.

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LSU came into the national championship ranked as the nation's top team, but was manhandled by an Alabama defense that allowed the Tigers to get past midfield just once. The result was a 21-0 rout by the Crimson Tide and the unseating of LSU as a national title shoo-in.

Don't worry LSU, spring football is right around the corner and with it, a new season and a chance to look forward to being ranked No. 1 in 2012.

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Crystal football to Throw the Flag.
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