Manti Te’o might have had a ‘real’ girlfriend after all

Manti Te’o grieving process was only about a couple months before he found a new young woman with whom to spend his time – and yes, she’s real.

TMZ discovered Alexandra del Pilar, a student at St. Mary’s, the all-girls school in South Bend, started tweeting about a relationship with Te’o in November.

She posted a photo on Instagram (above) of the two sitting on Santa’s lap. As an aside, Santa does not look pleased in this photo. And she also cited a newspaper blurb her grandfather wrote about Te’o with the comment, “Who would have known…”

There is no explicit mention of a dating relationship, but they seem pretty chummy. And now we have proof that Te’o does have the ability to talk to real girls.

The only question here is the grieving period. Te’o chronicled – several times over – a horrible September and early October with the death of his grandmother and Lennay Kekua, a woman he thought was his girlfriend. A month later, he’s hanging flowers in Del Pilar’s car.

Like everything in this story, it’s all up for discussion and interpretation.

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H/T Busted Coverage for the photos

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