Manti Te’o jokes continue, this time courtesy of a St. Patrick’s Day parade float

Well, reports that the Manti Te'o jokes aren't quite yet ready to die.

The site posted a picture of a float in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Baton Rouge. (Quick aside: There are St. Patrick's Day parades in Louisiana? Never knew.)

The float has a painting of a Te'o No. 5 jersey on it, with the punchline "Irish my girlfriend was real."

Rim shot. Tip your servers.

It's not the worst joke, and bonus points for being topical with the holiday, but the hope is that we're not forced to endure Easter jokes about Te'o. And Memorial Day jokes about Te'o. And Fourth of July jokes about Te'o. And Labor Day jokes about Te'o. And Halloween jokes about Te'o (zero chance of that happening, of course). And Thanksgiving jokes about Te'o. And Christmas jokes about Te'o. And ...

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