Man selling LSU equipment online chooses arrest over revealing player

Nick Bromberg

Cleats and gloves purportedly from LSU's win over Ole Miss in October ended up on eBay after the game. After an investigation revealed that Fletcher Sanders, a shoe store employee, was the man behind the listing, Sanders was given a choice. He could reveal the player who used the cleats and gloves, or he could be arrested and taken to jail.

According to the Advocate, Sanders chose the latter.

Sanders told police that he sold the gear for an LSU football player. But when an investigator asked Sanders to name the football player, Sanders clammed up, according to the report.

The officer, in turn, told Sanders that he would be arrested if he did not cooperate, the report says.

“Do what you have to do,” Sanders responded, according to the report. “I am not going to be responsible for ruining someone’s career.”

The equipment is leased to football players, who aren't allowed to give it away or sell it. Sanders was booked on charges of possession of stolen items and a count of principal to theft. He posted bond after he was booked on Tuesday

The items were sold and haven't been recovered by police.

Is anyone wondering if Sanders' choice of jail time has anything to do with the Todd Gurley autograph situation? Gurley was suspended for four games after an investigation revealed that he was compensated for his autograph.

The investigation was spurred by a tip from the man who paid Gurley and he later said that it wasn't his intention to "screw over" Gurley or Georgia fans. The man, Bryan Allen, also said he wished Gurley wasn't punished with playing time.

After the Gurley incident, a Georgia lawmaker wanted to introduce a bill to make it a misdemeanor for people to entice NCAA athletes into breaking NCAA rules.

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