Man advertises free ticket to Tennessee-Florida with his stepdaughter on Craigslist

Dr. Saturday

Are you an "attractive, professional, single well educated gentleman, with a good sense of humor" and between the ages of 25-33? Are you a Tennessee fan too?

If you fit all of the above criteria, boy, does a man posting on the Gainesville Craigslist have a deal for you if you're looking to go to Saturday's Tennessee-Florida game in Gainesville. A ticket -- on the 40 yard line! -- is yours if you take his 27 year-old stepdaughter to dinner and drinks either before or after the game.

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Did we mention you're going to the game with her too? Yes, there are even three pictures posted of her in the ad.

According to the ad, her original date backed out (perhaps scarred by the beatdown Tennessee took at the hands of Oregon), and she's left without accompaniment. It's the perfect opportunity if you're looking for a (hopefully?) fun Saturday in Gainesville and if its truly a $150 ticket, you can certainly swing food and beverages for substantially less than that, right? Sounds like a deal.

Doc Sat has a few questions though. Namely, is she in on this? While we've seen ads advertising tickets for dates before, its not usually by a parent or step-parent. On the list of embarrassing things you can do to your stepdaughter, this seems like it'd easily be in the top five.

And if she's in on it, how the heck did the conversation go? Who proposed this idea? And what are the expectations here? If this does lead to true love, it's certainly one hell of a "how did you meet?" story if nothing else.

Nevertheless, if you're interested, you better hurry. Due to an influx of applications, the selection process ends at midnight ET Wednesday evening. Make sure to include those pictures, otherwise you won't be considered.

And if you are the lucky one selected, please shoot us an email at the link below. We'd love to hear your first date story.

UPDATE: Fox Sports found the man behind the ad, and yes, his stepdaughter is in on it too.

Gary Yates and his wife Brenda, are going to the game as well with his stepdaughter Jessica Flanagan. All four seats are together, but the deal for dinner and drinks stands. Yates estimated that he had gotten 30-40 serious replies Wednesday morning.

“I OKed it with her first,” Yates told Fox Sports. “I wouldn't do something like that without her permission.”

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