Mack Brown responds to Texas A&M’s Toney Hurd and says that Texas is still the university of Texas

Dr. Saturday

It's good to know that Texas and Texas A&M can still go back and forth like the conference rivals that they used to be.

After texas lost 40-21 to BYU -- the game that cost UT defensive coordinator Manny Diaz his job -- A&M senior defensive back Tony Hurd tweeted that his university in College Station was now the university of Texas. No, not UT, but the big dog in the state, of course.

So on Wednesday, Texas coach Mack Brown was asked about Hurd's tweet. And instead of deflecting the question, Brown just went ahead and shot Hurd down.

Mack's bringing the heat. Though can you blame him? He's taken it from many directions this week about his team's performance and his decision to replace Diaz with Greg Robinson. It was a perfect opportunity for Brown to let out some stress and smack down Texas A&M. Because let's be honest, no matter how good Texas is on the field, they'll always be good at doing that.

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(H/T @SBNation)

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