Mack Brown hands out rings to his players for winning Alamo Bowl, and ‘momentum’

In retrospect, at least North Carolina, Ohio State and Georgia gave out rings for winning half a conference championship.

At the time, we had no idea Mack Brown was planning to give out rings to Texas players for winning a forgettable Dec. 29 bowl and creating "momentum" for the 2013 season. Yeah, seriously.

At this point we'll throw our hands up in the air. If Texas – one of the storied programs in sports, which has a national title in the last 10 years and won at least 10 games every season from 2001-2009 – is giving out rings for an Alamo Bowl win, we give up.

Texas was 9-4 last year and finished tied for third in the Big 12 with a 5-4 record. The Longhorns lost to West Virginia and TCU at home. It was dominated by Oklahoma and Kansas State. The Alamo Bowl win against Oregon State was very nice, and Brown is correct that it created some momentum for the program into the offseason. But it was more of a consolation win, not a ring-worthy win.

This should be above Texas, right? They are the University of Texas Longhorns. In terms of revenue, facilities, tradition and in-state talent, it's arguable nobody has an easier time recruiting than Texas. With all of the advantages Texas has, a four-loss season is pretty much a failure, not a reason to pass out huge rings.

But hey, we learned something new. We thought rings were for championships, or at very least college conference division championships. Now we find out you can earn one for "momentum," too.

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