MAC apologizes for blown call that led to Buffalo safety against Ohio

The Mid-American Conference has formally apologized for an inxplicable call that was made against Ohio at Buffalo on Tuesday night.

Ohio quarterback Tyler Tettleton had retreated to his own four-yard line when he was penalized for intentional grounding. However, the officials ruled that he was somehow in the end zone and Buffalo was given two points for a safety.

"In review, the proper call was intentional grounding, however, Ohio's Tettleton threw the pass in the field of play and not from the end zone," MAC Coordinator of Officials Bill Carollo said in a statement. "This play should not have resulted in a safety. The next play should have been fourth down at the spot of the incomplete pass. This was an officiating error with regard to judgment and the officiating mechanics by the covering officials."

The call was not reviewable by replay rule. According to the AP, official Tom McCabe, the referee at the two-yard line when Tettleton threw the ball, admitted that he might have made a mistake after the game and that he was looking downfield instead of at Tettleton, who ended up in the end zone after he had thrown the football.

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