LSU national champions T-shirt somehow sees the light of day

It's rare, but on occasion championship merchandise for the losing team in a championship game can sometimes surface.

Shirts, hats, etc., are supposed to be shipped to third world countries (at least that's the rumor) and never see the light of day stateside.

Unfortunately, LSU wasn't that lucky and an LSU national championship T-shirt, the same as the Alabama shirt being sold on its team site, was briefly available for purchase. The shirt was pretty generic. It had an LSU helmet, the words "2011 National Champions" and the 2011 BCS logo.

Now, the Tigers have yet another sad reminder of how they were humiliated by Alabama in the BCS National Championship last week and Alabama fans have a another chance to mock LSU with their wardrobe.

Regrettably, the Nike T-shirt, which was for sale for $24.99 on Amazon, is now currently unavailable, so hopefully those lucky Alabama fans — or LSU fans that wanted to be ironic or even in denial - that spotted this gaffe earlier were able to snag a couple for posterity.

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