LSU coach Les Miles explains his clapping style

Dr. Saturday

Ever wondered why Les Miles claps the way he does? What if we told you it was to prevent injury?

Yes, really. In this New York Times profile, clapping comes up and Miles says his palm-smacking and fingers wide style is so that he doesn't hurt himself.

Has anyone hurt themselves clapping? From the New York Times:

“You can’t be soft-handed; it has to be an aggressive clap,” he said before a demonstration. “You keep your fingers out so that you don’t get them caught in between, you know what I’m saying? If you get them in between here” — he gestured to the area between his fingers — “it can be an ineffective clap and you can get hurt. Injuries can occur if you don’t keep your fingers spread.”

Miles also talks about his diverse music tastes and says “I honestly think that there’s something really special to his stuff,” when talking about Lil Wayne.

Never stop being Les, Les.

One thing that Miles has in common with Alabama coach Nick Saban is a shared devotion to routine when it comes to food choices. Miles eats a Cobb salad with chicken and ranch dressing and a diet iced tea for lunch and fish and steamed vegetables for dinner. Saban's breakfast of choice is two Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme pies and likes an iceberg lettuce salad with turkey and tomatoes for lunch. And neither coach is much of a drinker.

How about this? After Alabama visits LSU on November 9, the losing coach has to eat the other coach's lunch staple for a week. The game could be for the top ranking in the country, but given the habits the two coaches have formed, those lunch stakes could be even higher.

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