LSU claims it lost at Florida because of … the heat?

Sometimes a team from a warm-weather climate will travel north late in the season and perform poorly in the cold. Or, players who don't live in oppressive heat year-round will get worn down during an early season game in the south. That's understandable.

Louisiana is a subtropical climate. It's hot. It's humid. If you've ever vacationed to New Orleans in summer, you're probably still sticky.

Yet, LSU players think one of the reasons they lost at Florida was that it was too hot. Really.

The Shreveport Times reported that LSU players used the heat to explain why the Gators beat them 14-6. As the report points out, the temperature never reached 90 degrees.

"It is Florida," linebacker Kevin Minter said, according to the report. "The humidity is ridiculous."

Know where else the humidity can be ridiculous? Louisiana.

Minter had an outstanding first half, then started to cramp up and missed some series in the second half when he needed IV fluids. He promised to drink more water this week.

"We worked super hard during the week to come out and play two dominant halves," defensive end Sam Montgomery said. "Sadly, our stamina couldn't hold up."

The Gators dominated the game in almost every way, with their defense holding LSU to just eight first downs, and Florida's running game pounding away on the Tigers' defense for most of the second half. Florida defensive end Dominique Easley had another explanation for what happened to LSU and it wasn't just the heat, via

"Third quarter, them boys were huffing and puffing. I was looking at people's eyes and they were scared," Easley said. "We wanted to take somebody's will. We like to take people's will, not just win the game. Take their will and make them remember this night."

Maybe LSU's players were just scared of another warm front coming through Gainesville.

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