LSU and Alabama bond over a good cause, and the world’s largest pot of gumbo

Gumbo brings people together -- especially a really big pot of it.

That's what New Orleans chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto and former Alabama and Miami Dolphins nose tackle Bob Baumhower are cooking up on Nov. 5 for the annual LSU-Alabama rivalry game to help raise money for Alabama tornado relief:

The centerpiece of the day-long [LouisiBama] Gumbo Bowl extravaganza will be the creation of the world's largest pot of gumbo by chefs Folse and Tramonto, along with Baumhower and his Executive Chef Steve Zucker.

The team will create a monster pot of gumbo, using a 300-year-old cast iron pot from the sugar cane fields of South Louisiana. The World's Largest Gumbo recipe calls for 750 pounds shrimp, 450 pounds catfish fillets, 100 pounds claw crabmeat, 50 pounds white crabmeat, 200 pounds alligator meat, 25 pounds Louisiana crawfish tail meat, 200 pounds diced onions, 75 pounds diced celery, 100 pounds diced green bell pepper, 150 pounds sliced okra, 50 pounds dehydrated garlic and 20 pounds butter.

After it's simmered a while, the pot will be weighed by forklift for the benefit of the Guinness Book of World Records, which will be on hand to confirm that it is, in fact, the single-largest pot of gumbo in all of recorded human history. Then, the tailgaters outside Bryant-Denny Stadium get to eat. Proceeds will go to Nick Saban's charity, Nick's Kids, and Caring Days Adult Day Care.

So if you happen to be at the LSU-Alabama game, be sure to stop by and get your gumbo. Sounds like a lot of deliciousness right there. A whole lot.

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