Louisville fans could have drones above their heads during games

Could Louisville fly drones over Papa John's Cardinal Stadium during football games this fall? It's possible.

The drone took off and filmed Louisville's scrimmage over the weekend and according to Louisville's social media director, the practice could be expanded to gamedays. Pending knowledge of FAA rules, of course.

From uoflcardgame.com:

Nick Stover, director of social media for the athletic department, says the drones could become a frequent sight at games. But first he and his team have to become more familiar with the drones and any applicable laws.

“They’re still a fairly new phenomenon to civilians so we’re contacting the FAA and other agencies,” he said. “We have a lot of ideas we are exploring.

Louisville's first idea should be to have a drone following coach Bobby Petrino and defensive coordinator Todd Grantham at practice to see if the report of tension between the two is true.

Drones grew in popularity throughout spring practices, so it's not surprising if they end up being used for games, assuming those pesky FAA rules don't get in the way.

If drones do become common among home teams at college football games, the next step would be for television and officials. We're simply projecting here, but could drone-cam replace cable-cam? Could they be a way to figure out if a juggled pass was complete or not? There are many possibilities.

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