Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt said he never lied to the NCAA (Video)

Louisville assistant coach Clint Hurtt said he doesn’t like the NCAA’s decision to slap him with a show-cause, which will essentially keep him out of coaching for two years, but that he accepts the punishment for his role in the University of Miami’s lack of institutional control.

“Although I’m not very happy about what the obvious outcome was, I do believe you always should be held accountable for your actions,” Hurtt said in his first interview since the sanctions were issued. “There’s things that I obviously admitted to. I’m not going to go into great detail about that, but I admit the mistakes that I made and I definitely will take accountability for those actions and believe that all people should.”

The NCAA said Hurtt, and another assistant who is not currently coaching, gave impermissible benefits to recruits and provided false and misleading information to NCAA investigators.

However, Hurtt disputed that he ever lied about what transpired during his time at Miami.

“I went out and I was truthful about what was said,” Hurtt said. “Obviously, there’s some disagreement and that’s fine. But I was truthful from the get-go. I didn’t change my story, didn’t do anything of that matter. My whole purpose of going into this was to be truthful and get everything off my back. I know I made mistakes. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. And I was willing to live with the repercussions that come with it.”

Louisville said it will keep Hurtt on staff, but has imposed several other sanctions that will not only limit his duties with the football program, but also limit his pay for two years.

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