You can have Willie Wildcat deliver a note to your loved one for Valentine’s Day

Is there anything more romantic than Willie the Wildcat?

Please don't answer that. It could take a couple days until you ran out of things to list.

If your significant other is a Kansas State fan in Kansas City, Manhattan, Kan., Topeka, Kan. or Wichita, Kan., the university has a deal for you. For $150, the Kansas State mascot will deliver a valentine, chocolates and a rose. All while wearing a tuxedo.

The ad was posted on the scoreboard at the Oklahoma-Kansas State basketball game Tuesday night.

Let's be brutally honest. Willie the Wildcat is one of the most frightening college mascots around. His standard attire for football games is simply a wildcat head and a football jersey. There is utterly no way to convince your child he is anything other than a person with a giant cat head on.

But this idea got us thinking. What other mascots would be scarier to have at your door with chocolates and a rose?

Nebraska's Lil' Red is a candidate. If you saw an inflatable blond guy in overalls at your door, you'd run the other way. Don't lie.

Oklahoma State's Pistol Pete's shiny face is horrible. And he is armed. Do you really want to open your door to that?

If the St. Louis Billiken came to your door, you'd probably immediately contact the National UFO Reporting Center and tell them the aliens have arrived at your front door.

Brutus Buckeye isn't all that romantic either. Would you open your door to someone identifying himself as "Brutus?" Thought so.

Western Kentucky's Big Red seems terrifying, but you'd probably just want to hug it. Just hope that it doesn't eat you.

What other mascots would you not want to show up at your door? Let us know in the comments. And if you book this for someone, drop us a line. We want to see the reaction as Willie delivers a token of your love.

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