Let’s all watch the new Purdue rap video together

Dr. Saturday

The race to get in as many fan-made school spirit videos before the season starts is on, and Purdue got their new effort in just under the buzzer. It - to put it gently - has some issues. A few general thoughts:

1) They include a female rapper, which is not something you see in many of these, so that's a nice touch.

2) Neil Armstrong and Nobel Prize winners shout-outs. Wise choice. Know your strengths, Boilers.

3) It's very kind of basketball head coach Matt Painter to make an appearance.

4) The guy in the tuxedo could not seem less enthused to be there. Is he doing this as a favor, or perhaps being held hostage until the completion of the video?

So, folks, where does this go in the pantheon of terrible college anthem videos? Is it on the same top floor as Freekbass or Dawg Bite, or just below? Or is it possibly our new king?

Update: American hero Martin Rickman transcribed all of the lyrics over at SI.com.

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