Let's take a photo tour of Oregon's new football facility

At the beginning of the month we showed you the exterior of Oregon's new football facility, an imposing fortress that would make the most ambitious supervillain comfortable. We now know what the interior looks like, thanks to GoDucks.com, so allow us to take a quick tour of the $68 million House Uncle Phil Built. (All images are by Eric Evans. For more photos, click here.)

This is just your normal lobby, featuring a receptionist desk and 64 flat screens that be programed separately or together for one giant image. Just your usual lobby stuff.  

The mirrors in the coaches' bathrooms have televisions in them, as mirrors are wont to do.

When you're done watching game film in the theater, the screen retracts to reveal a giant window looking at Autzen Stadium.


The locker doors slide into the locker, allowing the players (or robots, whichever) to communicate with one another with ease.

You can use this to game plan for Stanford or also plan an assault on multiple world capitals. You could probably use it for both at the same time, not that I'm endorsing that plan.

These ducks in the skybridge (yeah, no duh, there is a skybridge) honor former Oregon players who have been drafted to the NFL.

Just a nice, casual hydrotherapy pool in the coaches' locker room that looks like something you'd find at the Playboy Mansion.

The weight room, with a massive mural at the far end.

For more of the facility, check out our Yahoo Sports gallery here.

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