Les Miles, Steve Spurrier are kindred spirits when it comes to booting star quarterbacks

Les Miles can sympathize with Steve Spurrier.

Earlier this week, Spurrier had to kick quarterback Stephen Garcia off the team after Garcia failed an alcohol test. Spurrier had given Garcia multiple chances to stay on the team, but the failed test was a violation of his fifth reinstatement and Spurrier couldn't give him any more chances.

Miles has been there.

In 2008, he went through something similar with quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. Perrilloux was the MVP of the 2007 SEC championship game, but in May 2008, after three suspensions, Miles had to do what was best for the team and let Perrilloux walk, leaving the Tigers with little experience at quarterback.

"It's a difficult decision," Miles told Gannett reporter Glenn Guilbeau when asked about Spurrier's decision to part ways with Garcia. "It's not one that I look forward to in any way. You're hammering wishes and goals and dreams. You're hammering futures. And it's a miserable event whether it's a quarterback or anybody in your program."
Perrilloux was able to play two seasons at Jacksonville State and had a short stint with the NFL's New York Giants. Garcia might not be so lucky. He's a fifth-year senior and while he'll get a chance to work out for NFL scouts, his trouble at South Carolina will definitely be a concern.

Spurrier said on his radio show Thursday that he hoped someone gave Garcia a chance.

"Heck, I hope he has a chance to play pro football somewhere," Spurrier said.

While of course Spurrier wants the best for Garcia, he had no choice in his decision to boot him from the team. After multiple chances, Garcia continued to break team rules and in order for the team to move forward, it had to do so without its starting quarterback.

Miles knows this all too well. Perrilloux had been suspended three times and gone through another incident in May before Miles had to weight the good of the team over trying to rehabilitate one player.

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"At some point in time, the player is who he is or he adjusts and complies and becomes a greater part of your team," Miles said. "It becomes clear at some point, and then you have to make the decision. I have no magic there, I promise you. I'm no better equipped to make those decisions."

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