Les Miles hopes to defend his Final Four in the Bracket Challenge

There were many opportunities for LSU coach Les Miles and Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy to make up some ground on Louisiana Tech’s Skip Holtz, but the exact opposite happened.

Holtz had a stellar day as he only missed on Arizona and Wichita State, two teams he didn’t have in the second (third) round anyway, to take a six point lead over Miles and a seven point lead over Gundy.

Gundy and Holtz both had Gonzaga going to the Sweet 16, but only Les Miles had the Zags going to the Elite Eight. However, going into today, Miles is still the only coach with his entire Final Four intact.

Here’s how the coaches did yesterday:

Skip Holtz
Correct: Michigan State, Louisville, Oregon, Michigan, Marquette, Syracuse
Incorrect: Arizona, Wichita State
Total points: 36

Les Miles
Correct: Michigan State, Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse
Incorrect: Oregon, Arizona, Wichita State, Butler
Total points: 30

Mike Gundy
Correct: Michigan State, Louisville, Marquette, Syracuse
Incorrect: Oregon, Arizona, Wichita State, Michigan
Total Points: 29

In the second round, each game is worth two points so despite the lead, no one is out of the game, especially Miles who can make up some ground if Ohio State, Indiana and Florida all survive Sunday.

Here are the picks for Sunday. If the coach does have a team in the mix, it’s noted with the word “OUT”

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