Les Miles calls the SEC communications director 'bae' on the SEC teleconference and probably had no idea what it meant

Les Miles drinks his grass smoothie during new ESPN commercial

LSU coach Les Miles was trying to channel his inner Kliff Kingsbury on Wednesday when on the SEC teleconference, Miles referred to SEC communications director Chuck Dunlap as, “bae.”

For those who need an urban dictionary refresher, the term “bae” is usually a term of endearment and often used to refer to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Was Miles trying to tell us something about his relationship with Chuck Dunlap? We kid, we kid.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Miles has used the word and it’s become part of his everyday vernacular.

A couple weeks ago, Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury referred to Beyonce as his “bae” on a T-shirt before doing the ALS ice-bucket challenge.

At least that made sense. Perhaps someone should fill Miles in on what the word means and then he could say he was joking or being ironic. At least stop him before he says it to a recruit.

For our purposes though, this is just another amazing Les Miles moment.

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