Lane Kiffin supports Ed Orgeron for USC head coach

Dr. Saturday

Uh oh, this isn't the kiss of USC coaching career death for Ed Orgeron, is it?

Appearing on 710-AM in Los Angeles, Kiffin was asked about his successor as permanent head coach. And he vouched for Orgeron.

He also said that Orgeron wouldn't work as an assistant at USC after being the interim head coach.

And we agree on that point. If he doesn't get the job at the end of the season, it'd be all kinds of awkward if he stuck around in an assistant capacity. You see the quotes that USC players have said about Orgeron's impact? No head coach is going to want to try to blend that in while simultaneously winning over the locker room.

All jokes about Kiffin aside, Orgeron has to be the front runner for the job. The man can recruit, and he's shown an incredible adaptability at USC. Through these six games, he's clearly learned from the mistakes he made at USC. Sure, the novelty of "he's not Lane Kiffin" could soon wear off, but there's been nothing shown that it'll happen anytime soon.

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