Lane Kiffin was left at the stadium after the title game

Nick Bromberg

Lane Kiffin apparently needed to get to the team buses a little sooner after Alabama's 45-40 College Football Playoff National Championship Game win over Clemson.

Alabama's offensive coordinator got left behind after the game.

When Kiffin was fired from his job as USC's head coach in 2013, it was done so at the airport after the team had gotten back from a loss at Arizona State. Yes, he recognized the similar circumstances, even though this happened in much, much happier circumstances. Kiffin is in no danger of losing his job.

“First, I get fired on the tarmac, and now I get left behind at the national championship,” Kiffin told Fox Sports.

There was no need to worry about Kiffin's plight, however. According to Fox, he was able to get in the back of an SUV shortly after the buses left. The SUV was waiting for Alabama coach Nick Saban to take him back to the team hotel. Saban didn't mind the company of his offensive coordinator.

And Kiffin got back to Alabama's buses to see his family.

Kiffin was integral in Alabama's come-from-behind win. The Tide had three offensive touchdowns of over 50 yards. Two of those went to tight end O.J. Howard, who had five catches for 208 yards. Howard entered the game with 394 yards receiving in Alabama's 14 previous games.

We also have to admit it's a bit disappointing that Kiffin didn't make his postgame walk to the buses with his suit and sunglasses on. When he arrived at the game with the team he was sporting his glasses inside the stadium.

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