Lane Kiffin’s cue cards tell him to encourage USC fans to behave this weekend

Dr. Saturday

The USC-UCLA rivalry has had some fun taunting and weird trolls from UCLA about USC not being able to put its sword in the midfield logo at the Rose Bowl, and with the fan bases starting to get a little tired of each other, USC decided to have Lane Kiffin film a PSA.

Kiffin's message is pretty clear: Enjoy the game but be respectful and employ great sportsmanship.

That was probably needed and we support that message, but wow, Kiffin isn't exactly comfortable reading those cue cards is he? It reminded us of Rocky trying to film the aftershave commercial in "Rocky II":

The video probably would have been funnier had Kiffin gone off the script and riffed on what he really thinks about UCLA, and we'd pay to see Jim Mora spoof this video and say what he feels about the Trojans.

UPDATE: Mora did a video too, and he takes the same responsible non-trash talking tact as Kiffin. Bummer:

But in all seriousness, we hope the USC-UCLA rivalry stays lighthearted this Saturday and the only story from the game is what happens on the field.

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