Lane Kiffin changes his Twitter profile as the final piece to his USC demise

Dr. Saturday

Lane Kiffin’s time at USC has officially been scrubbed clean – at least on Twitter.

On Monday, Kiffin cleared out his metaphorical Twitter office by changing his red background and Twitter description.

That smug smirk that used to greet his Twitter followers is now just a gray blotch.

No longer is Kiffin “Head football coach at USC.” No, now he’s just “Football Coach.”

Wait, is he still a football coach if he’s technically not coaching football? Wouldn’t that make him “Unemployed Football Coach”?

And the black background is definitely a example of where his head is right now. He could have easily picked something with color and perhaps birds flying to signify hope and promise.

No, the modifier of this Twitter page is in a dark place.

What's next? His USC gear is anonymously dropped off at the Van Nuys Goodwill?

There is evidence of some longing for USC, though. He didn’t change his profile photo, which is him walking with USC players and his son wearing a Matt Barkley jersey.

So, even though he was fired in the most public and ridiculous way ever, Kiffin still has a small flame burning for the Trojans.

Fight On, Kiffin.

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H/T for the Kiffin Twitter screenshot

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