Lane Kiffin celebrated a TD before the ball was thrown again (Photo)

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Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is in quite a groove with his play-calling lately and it was on display again in the second quarter of the SEC championship game against Missouri.

Already up 7-0, Kiffin dialed up a double move for speedy wide receiver DeAndrew White on first down. Blake Sims delivered a beautiful deep ball to White, who caught it in stride for a 58-yard touchdown. Kiffin knew the play would be successful as soon as Sims released the ball.

Take a look at Kiffin with his arms raised in the bottom left corner of the screenshot below.

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Kiffin did the same thing – raise his arms in celebration  a week ago in the Iron Bowl against Auburn. Sims hit Amari Cooper deep for a 42-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Cooper ran a similar double move and Sims delivered a perfect strike.

That score came with the Tide trailing 33-21 and sparked the team’s comeback win.

This time around, Alabama went on to win 42-13 to capture the league title. 

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