Kliff Kingsbury wrote an article about his gameday fashion for Esquire

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If you were waiting breathlessly for Kliff Kingsbury to describe his game day style, you can inhale now.

Kingsbury wrote a piece for the December issue of Esquire about how he dresses on Saturdays. The piece leads with the quote "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good." Texas Tech must not have felt it looked good during the final five games of the season. After starting 7-0 and narrowly losing to Oklahoma, the Red Raiders lost out the rest of the way to finish 7-5.

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Kingsbury goes into explicit detail about his fashion choices. It's expected detail from a coach... when describing four verticals or a cover two technique. But when describing clothes? Not-so-expected from anyone else other than Kingsbury.

"My game-day attire consists of a solid-black long-sleeved Dri-FIT shirt with the Texas Tech emblem, flat-front gray pants, and a pair of Under Armour's new Mobtown shoes," the piece says. (Gotta get that Under Armour mention in there.) "They're more of a chill Vans type of shoe. And Frogskins-style shades. I'd worn them all summer while going to the beach and thought, Why would I trade these in for some coachy- looking glasses? They've become a big deal to certain people, I guess, because it wasn't the traditional look."

Yes, they became a big deal. The Kingsbury bobblehead even was wearing the sunglasses.

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