Kliff Kingsbury makes a couple subtle jabs at Tommy Tuberville during his introduction rally

Dr. Saturday

Kliff Kingsbury didn't have to do much to win over Texas Tech fans, he was, after all, one of the program's most revered quarterbacks.

But during his introduction rally Friday, Kingsbury made sure to show his allegiance by taking little jabs at former coach Tommy Tuberville, who abruptly left the Red Raider program for Cincinnati.

One of Tuberville's biggest gripes regarding Texas Tech and West Texas was the wind. During an interview two years ago, Tuberville complained about the wind and how it was ever-present.

"There's nothing to block the wind so when it's blowing (at Tech) it's double that out in the middle of the cotton fields," Tuberville said.

Kingsbury had the perfect soundbyte for that comment on Friday.

"I find it a little poetic that it's a classic windy West Texas day," Kingsbury said. "I'm going on record that I actually enjoy the (West Texas) wind. You'll never hear me complain about it."

Kingsbury also remarked that he thought Texas Tech was in a good position to thrive next year and perhaps didn't live up to its potential this season.

"I know it's not broken," Kingsbury said of the Texas Tech program. "It was a 7-5 team that easily could have been 10-2.

"As far as football goes, I'm more of a walking type guy, not a talking type guy, so I'll let y'all see that in the fall, but it's going to be an exciting brand of football. We're going to be attacking on both sides of the ball. We'll play with confidence, the kids are going to have fun, they're going to have swagger, and you'll enjoy this next year of Tech football, I promise you."

And, as his speech ended, Kingsbury made sure to get in one last shot ol' Tubs.

"One last request for [AD] Kirby [Hocutt], I was going to see if there is any way possible we could get Cincinnati on the schedule next year," he said to a rouse of cheers from the crowd.

Sadly, Cincinnati is not on Tech's schedule next year or any other future schedules — yet.

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