Kliff Kingsbury answers a preschooler’s burning question about Band-Aids

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury became an overnight national celebrity thanks to his good looks, his team’s early success and his outgoing personality, but that didn’t mean he’d gotten too big to answer questions from preschoolers.

Geoff Sherman, an assistant principal and avid college football fan, posted a response Kingsbury gave to one of Sheman’s students regarding Texas Tech’s use of Band-Aids.

Here’s the text if you can’t quite make it out:

Preschooler: “Do players fall down and get Band-Aids?”

Kingsbury: “Thanks for writing me and that is a great question! When our players fall down and get cuts or scratches, they do usually get Band-Aids.

Guns Up!

Coach Kingsbury”

That sound you hear is a bunch of single women swooning.

One of Kingsbury’s selling points has been his connection with the community. This is just another example of what makes him so likeable. Here’s hoping, no matter where Kingsbury's career ultimately takes him, he doesn’t lose that.

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